Aratos Earth Observation Data Platform supports a new map layer for Global Warming.

In the renewed system of Aratos Earth Observation Data Platform the up-to-date Downwelling Surface Longwave Flux (DSLF) layer is added. Downward longwave radiation is heat emitted back to Earth from the atmosphere and can change depending on the composition of the air. It is often referred to as “thermal” or “infrared” radiation and is a primary contributor to the energy balance of the land and ocean surface.

DSLF is the result of atmospheric scattering, absorption and emission in the entire vertical column. As an important component of global radiation balance, downwelling surface longwave flux (DSLF) is of major interest for the study of land surface processes and land–atmosphere exchange due to its applicability in hydrology, meteorology and climatology. It generally has a heat-preservation effect on the earth and is a key variable to clarify the temperature dependency of worldwide ablation rates.


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