Aratos Earth Observation Data Platform supports a new map layer for understanding Climate processes.

In the renewed system of Aratos Earth Observation Data Platform the updated MSG Total and Diffuse Downward Surface Shortwave Flux (MDSSFTD) layer is added. The MDSSFTD product is an instantaneous estimate (every 15 minutes) of the total Downwelling Surface Short-wave radiative Flux (DSSF) (W/m2) and the fraction of the diffuse flux component to the total flux (unitless, between 0 - 1). The DSSF refers to the radiative energy in the wavelength interval [0.3 µm, 4.0 µm] reaching the Earth's surface per time and surface unit. An accurate knowledge of the spatio-temporal distribution of downwelling solar radiation and of its diffuse component at the surface are essential for understanding the climate processes at the Earth-atmosphere interface, but also for plant photosynthesis and carbon cycle.


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